Anarkoustika e​.​p

by rich gulag



skum rekordz 009


released March 22, 2016

all songs written, performed and recorded by rich gulag
except 5) fights.. written and performed by rich gulag, recorded and mixed by matt martin at made of ale studios Manchester



all rights reserved


rich gulag UK

Living in stoke, also guitarist for anarcho punk band pedagree skum....always anti fascist.

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Track Name: What will you do
Words/music rich gulag
What will you do when you realise you've got it all wrong
It'll be too late when you realise you've wasted your life
You'll never be able to turn back the hands of time

Worked your fingers to the bone since you were 16, trying your best to make a better life for yourself
Doing every single thing that was ever expected of you
Never stepping out of line, never taking the smallest risk
You'll never catch the dream you're chasing ,you know it doesn't even exist

Raise a family, buy a house, every weekend clean the car
Convincing yourself this is how you really want to be
You think living with the threat of a lifetime of debt is freedom?
What do you think will happen when your no longer useful to them
You'll be cast to one side and your kids will start the cycle again ...
Track Name: Cold Black Heart
words and music rich gulag

the first time we first met, you were wearing your disguise, carefully concealing your cold black heart
you drew me in. made me feel wanted, all the while you were hiding your cold black heart

you push me away
the closer we become
the more i love you
the colder you are
your never gonna give your self, with your heart of stone....

every now and then, i see a ray of hope, that makes me want to pierce your cold black heart
am i wasting my time, is it even worth fighting, for a place in your cold black heart..
Track Name: Monkey on my back
it's getting late, it's getting dark, I've got no cash and I've got no heart, I look like Shit and I need a hit...monkey on my back
I'm covered in sweat, see me as a threat, well needs must and my need is just, forget any trust I'm living on lust..monkey on my back
I'm watching my life, slowly fragment, every lesson learned, is another tenner spent, now I know what they meant by gradual descent, monkey on my back
Now monkey feeds, on violent deeds, constant hunger, or is it just greed, perpetual need is all I perceive..monkey on my back
i'm gonna crack, with this monkey on my back, gotta shift this weight, before it's too late, empty soul and full of fucking hate.. monkey on my back
Track Name: Honesty
Every body cries, everyone lies. Can't hide your tears through a shallow disguise
every one says, what they want you to hear
more often than not, the truth is unclear

Read between the lines, and work it out for yourself

Everybody trips, everyone falls, mistakes will be made, trouble will be caused
Everybody fails, no one ever wins, nobody's clean, everyone's sinned

Take your own course, and work it out for yourself

Everybody fights, when we're surrounded by spite,
capable of hate and violence and shakes in the night
we look to above, choke and smother with love
we strive and we sweat and we bleed but it's never enough

Break off your chains, and work it out for yourself
Track Name: Fights
So fucking drunk, feeling so mean, bringing your violence to a peaceful scene..we are sick of the sight, of you and your fights
All night long, knocking em back, winding people up to see em react
Why can't you just enjoy your night
Cos we are sick of the sight of you and your fights
See it all the time, there's always one, never really happy till some damage is done,
Well my friend , your not welcome here,
We come for our mates and music we love, all you wanna do is act like a thug
So we all say, just fucking go away
We, are sick of the sight, of you and your fights