by rich gulag



skum rekordz 005


released July 24, 2015

all words and music by rich gulag, thanks to katie dodd and freya sheppard for help with backing vocals



all rights reserved


rich gulag UK

Living in stoke, also guitarist for anarcho punk band pedagree skum....always anti fascist.

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Track Name: Playground Oppression
don't, don't let them crush you down, don't let them tell you you're not good enough
don't let them kill who you are
don't let them dampen your spark

when their lives, keep turning to shit, they'll do their best to bring you down with them
them and all their hypocrites
them and all those fucking pricks

they will tell you things you cannot do, projecting their insecurities
pushing blame upon you
anything to cover their faults
Track Name: Clones
made up our minds, to do it all our own way
i think that you'll find, that its never easy
everyone wants you to do things their way,
you'll find a battle in every corner

how can you be yourself, when they want us all to be the same

stand out from the crowd, and they look at you like your sick
millions of clones, is what they want to see
a piece of their puzzle, to push their own agenda
well until my dying day i'll try my best to be me...
Track Name: Any other day
any other time, any other day, i'd give it to you, hand my life away,
any other life, any other soul, i'd share your pain, so we can be whole

but not today, too many battles to fight, but not today, too many wrongs to right, but not today, too much anger to diffuse

wish it could be simple, but it never is, wish it could be easy, but thats too much to ask, wish i could give a little hope to you, wish i could say, what you want me to say..
Track Name: Desensitized
i open my eyes, and everything i see, video games of torture, and mindless cruelty, religious executions, no longer bother me, too much exposure, to this sick society

i guess you could say that I'm desensitized

another genocide, as i drink my morning brew, high-school massacre, it's nothing really new, motor-way pile up, seventeen dead, i stifle a yawn, as i head straight back to bed

fascists on the rise, extremists in our schools, far to much exposure, far too many fools, dead bodies on facebook next to pictures of your tea, mutilated corpses, no longer bother me..
Track Name: Gentrification
bit by bit, your forcing us out, creating a little world for yourself
with your hipster friends, your shady deals, your overpriced meals and your private health
if you had your way, you'd build a wall forcing all the real people out
a nice safe zone, for you and your clones, away from all the lower class skum

how much do you earn
how much you got
where you're from
the empty things that you love
the coffee you drink
where you eat
who do you know
the empty things that you love
the clothes you wear
your stylish hair
these make you care
the empty things that you love
Track Name: Money is power
money is power, power consumes us all, the more you have, the more your in control
the poorer you are, the harder you will fall, money is god, and god truly loves us all....

you were born with a silver spoon
hanging out of your mouth
you were raised with the privillaged ones
away from the rest of us skum
you say you relate to us
thinking you can speak for us
pretending that you care for us
you don't think for us
you don't fucking think for us

they say we should listen to our masters
but they're all full of shit
using their wealth to manipulate
no longer hiding their lies
they fuck us right in front of our eyes
right in front of our eyes
Track Name: Social Anxiety Disorder
these walls, are closing in, i cant escape from within
these walls are closing in, i cant escape from my sins

i've got to get out of this place, if i only see one friendly face
Track Name: Demons
we've got to take back control, before our demons consume every inch of our soul
find a way to stop the cycle of pain, that's clawing and smothering and driving us insane

face your demons and cast them out, it's the only way that we can get better

the seed was planted long ago, innocent children shown things that they shouldn't know
shaping our mental health, we're not even sure if we're the demon or ourselves

pull yourself together, snap out of it, it'll be ok is what they always say
if it was as easy as painting on a smile, don't you think it's what we would have done a long time ago...
Track Name: Everything becomes a battle
every time you speak to me your words just seem to come out in pictures
a thinly woven fantasy to cover up what your really thinking
what you say and what you do depend on your fragile mind and ego
hard to know just where you stand when everything becomes a fucking battle

every time you speak to me its easy to read between the lines
for every single lie you tell the truth becomes a distant memory
every single story detatches you from what you really are
every single empty promise is coming back to haunt you
Track Name: Humans
i turn on the tv, and it makes me feel sick,
the way we treat each other, makes me so fucking sick
death, disease and war is all i seem to see
murder, rape and violence, mindless bigotry

when will we start to act like human beings

i don't know, how were not extinct, because the way that things are going, we wont be around for too long

when i read the headlines, it fills me with despair
brother killing brother, until there's no one left to care
we say its not our problem, as we turn and look away
then we turn on our tv's and waste our lives away

caring more for fiction, than we do reality
celebrity worship, means more than poverty
children dying hungry, while we think about ourselves
we'll never find compassion, while were busy chasing wealth..