by rich gulag

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released December 19, 2016



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rich gulag UK

Living in stoke, also guitarist for anarcho punk band pedagree skum....always anti fascist.

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Track Name: Know All
picking and prodding at everyone, trying to find the smallest crack
to take us down
it's all a front

no one is the same as you, don't try to make them do what you do
everyone has their own mind, we're not all blind

judging and blaming everyone, well look at yourself
and your mental health
it's all a front

humiliate and isolate everyone, spread your lies
supply your hate
it's all a front

gossip and bitch on everyone, to take the light
from off of yourself
it's all a front
Track Name: Bad Karma
sitting outside, slowly thinking
brain on fire, too much thinking
hope and desire, slowly sinking

take it if you want it, destroy it if you don't
use it if you need it
sooner or later you know we'll all be dead

eyes don't lie, tell a deep story
fight fire with fire, don't try to ignore it
peculiar acts, disturbed back story

too much baggage, too much karma
mentally confused, negative karma
too many bad choices, over and again
Track Name: Maniacs
Turn your back
They trace your tracks
On your case
Like maniacs
All that you do
They're watching you
Pushing you
Like they always do


Think your free
You'll soon see
This society
Is hypocrisy
Think you know
What's going on
Where it's coming from
I bet your wrong


Think you know
Who's in charge of you
Who governs you
But nothing's true
Put your trust
In those above
Believe their shit
And call it love
Track Name: Fuck Em Off
Available soon on records

Words/music rich gulag

Believe in, believe in yourself
Ignore everyone else
Think of your health

Every time they put you down, every time they make you frown .. Fuck em off

Do it, do it your own way
Fuck what they say
And the games they play

Choices, time to make your own
Instead of being a clone
Staring at your phone

People, don't let them speak for you
Tell you what to do
You've got nothing to lose

Freedom, a fucking myth
Don't even exist
Has it come to this
Track Name: Riot ft Danny syndrome and Joey mutant
Feel it in the air, pressure is building up
See it on our face, the people have had enough
The slightest little push, everything's gonna explode
The end for them is near, the system is gonna implode

Time for a riot

They're pushing all the time, something is going to give
When freedom is a crime, we lose the will to live
Anger in our hearts , rage is burning inside
Debating things is dead, no longer gonna stand in line

Time for a riot

Violence is the key , only thing they understand
Time for you and me , to take it into our own hands
Burn the fuckers down , only then will they listen to us
Destroy those fucking clowns , then maybe things will really change

Time for a riot

Burn the fuckers down
Burn the fuckers down