Ten Reasons To Escape​.​.​.

by rich gulag



skumrekordz 002


released June 14, 2015



all rights reserved


rich gulag UK

Living in stoke, also guitarist for anarcho punk band pedagree skum....always anti fascist.

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Track Name: happy?
When did it all go wrong, why did we start hating each other
where do we go from here
do we think that we'll be happy when we've destroyed everything that we ever cared about..I don't think that we will
When did we stop caring for each other
why do we carry such hate, we're running round in circles, why can't we just realise there's nothing to do but try..I don't think that we will...
Track Name: cracks ( human error )
Cracks are appearing, the pressures too great, falling apart, with the choices we make, deceive, while we secretly seethe, creating the lies that we choose to believe
And we're slowly falling apart, the cracks we're there from the start
Actions and anger, are blamed on the past, secret agendas to complete the farce, silence is used as a tool, enforcing the lie, of the unspoken rule ....
Track Name: honesty
Everyone cries, and everyone lies, can't hide your tears, through a shallow disguise, everyone says, what they want you to hear, more often than not the truth is unclear.. read between the lines and work it out for yourself..
everyone trips, and everyone falls, mistakes will be made, trouble will be caused, everyone fails, no one ever wins, nobody's clean, everyones sinned
take your own course and work it out for yourself
everyone fights, surrounded with spite, capable of violence and hatred and shakes in the night
we look to above, choke and smother with love, we strive and we sweat and we bleed but its never enough
break off your chains.. work it out for yourself
Track Name: fights
So fucking drunk, feeling so mean, bringing your violence to a peaceful scene, we are sick of the sight, of you and your fights
all night long, knocking them back, winding people up to see them react, oh why can't you, just enjoy your night, cos we are sick of the sight of, you and your fights
see it all the time, there's always one, never really happy till some damage is done ..well my friend, you're not welcome here
come for our mates and the music we love, all you wanna do is act like a thug, so we all say, just fucking go away, cos we are sick of the sight, of you and your fights
Track Name: escape
The dark dead cloud, seems to follow me around
At the back of my thoughts, barely making a sound
I push and I prod, it hides behind my eyes
Changing me slowly, into that which I despise
the deeper you look, the harder it is to escape
Every time I cry, a piece of me starts to die
Outward looking in, people asking me why
Destroying everything, I self prophesise
be the architect, of my own demise
the further you hide the harder it is to escape
Track Name: nothing will ever be the same
Appease, their mentality, don't ever disagree, with what they say they see... and nothing will ever be the same
change to fit inside their mold, play your chosen role, do as your fucking told...
time is right, stand up and fight, and nothing will ever be the same
join, display some unity, show them we won't be, their puppet slave army... and nothing will ever be the same
fight, before they drive a wedge, mess with our fucking heads, push untill we're dead
the time is right, stand up and fight, and nothing will ever be the same
act, because we know we should, for the common good, show them we are one... and nothing will ever be the same
strike, and cut their fucking strings, see what our actions bring, and they control nothing
time is right, stand up and fight, and nothing will ever be the same...
Track Name: hate-mail
believe every word that your reading, accept every word that you write, each headline and statement that fills up their rag, is fleshed out with venom and spite
intolerance fills up their pages, you blindly bow down at their feet, believe you're supporting the man on the street while you back up the nouveau elite
don't quote your hate-mail to me, i don't want to hear your lies, don't quote your hate-mail you represent, everything that i despise
bigotry dictates all your thinking, it seems you can't think for yourself, if you won't question sexism, racism then question your own mental health,
red tops to broadsheets to TV, the outlook is probably the same, diverting attentions the name of the game you can't see who is really to blame...
Track Name: everyone wants control
It's never easy, when you have to change, when being yourself, causes nothing but pain
painting on a smile, so scary and strange
nothing is easy, when you need to change
everyone wants control...
nobody told you, you're doing it wrong, be who you want to, but not for too long
sooner or later, you'll see you don't belong
cause nobody told you that you're doing it wrong...
Track Name: beauty
She's too fat, he's too black, they're too gay or so you say
Everything's just right when you're in the right, there's no room for anything different...
Don't you know, that beauty's in the eye of the beholder?
She's so ugly it makes you sick, if you had your way you'd beat her with sticks... You say freak I say unique, there's no room in your world for anyone different...
Track Name: happy yet?
when, we will ever learn
there's no point in hating each other
why can't we remove our masks
i don't think we'll ever be happy
until we can learn to trust
the people that we push away
i really hope that we will.....
when, did we build a wall
how do we recover our fall
we will, never be perfect
being alone is the easiest way
but sometimes we need to try,
i really hope that we will....