The Vicious Circle

by rich gulag

supported by


skumrekordz 007


released November 14, 2015

written and performed by rich gulag, additional vocals by katie phoenix dodd



all rights reserved


rich gulag UK

Living in stoke, also guitarist for anarcho punk band pedagree skum....always anti fascist.

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Track Name: eat the rich, smash the state
never gonna make any changes while were watching tv
wont find the answer in the cover of your glossy magazine

eat the rich
save the poor
fuck their laws
take back our lives
fuck the system
smash the state
we must take
take back our lives

never gonna have a revolution while you're sitting in your chair
how you gonna change the world when nobody cares
Track Name: fascist enabler
fat old white men, with outdated opinions
but you've known them for years..and that makes it all ok..

they may be your friends but they're fascists
so what does that make you
it makes you the same
an enabler of fascists
an enabler of fascists

you keep making excuses for your friends
they mean no harm
it's just men being men
behind their jokes is a seed of hate
you laugh along, as you tolerate

right wing manifesto in the work place
right in front of your face
you just keep quiet as you stupidly smile
it's not your problem,
their good lads really
they're just having a laugh
Track Name: practice what you preach
you say you want to change the world, but first you've got to change yourself,
drinking that extra pint aint gonna help you fight
you're preaching revolution, peace and change, but everything remains the same
while you're snorting your cocaine

practice what you preach,
learn before you try to teach,
motivate yourself..instead of pointing your finger at everyone else
practice what you preach

judging everyone else, well take a look at yourself, and your fading mental health
facebook aint gonna change the world, you've got to change yourself
before you make a difference

feeling so safe behind your screen, dividing our scene, with your rhetoric and lies
take a look at your own life, you know you've got no right, to judge and criticise
Track Name: Pig-Fuckers Incorporated
i turn on a t.v, when i see your face
makes me so sick, your a fucking disgrace
pretending you speak, for us ordinary folk
with your corruption and lies and backhanded ways..
you're nothing but a joke

no one votes you in, yet still you're on top
no one wants you there, yet you tell us what to do
you don't speak for us anymore
don't pretend you care anymore

pre election promise, they believe what you say
anything for power, anything for more pay
soon as you're on top, you reveal your true hand
with the lies in your eyes that you cannot disguise..
you draw your master plan

keep your peers happy, keep them all nice and rich
you pig fucking morons, you make me so sick
millions aint enough, you all want so much more
so you steal and you cheat and you lie..
as you wipe out the poor
Track Name: Obey, Work, Believe
get a good job, work real hard, pay your rent, then maybe you can take some holidays
raise some kids, send them to school, prepare them for work like constructive members of society

they want you to think that you have a choice, they want you to believe that you have a voice

don't question their word, do as you're told, don't make waves and maybe they'll reward you accordingly
watch t.v, buy pretty things, turn a blind eye whilst they slowly take away your liberty

save for a car, maybe you'll go far, friday at the bar to slowly drink away your misery
never speak out, keep your head down, work until you die, another of societies casualties..
Track Name: Human Nature
when i look at the world,
the things that people do,
it makes me want to scream, that no one seems to care

we fuck each other, petty little ways, we kill maim and hate, violence pays
betraying our friends is what we seem to do, destroy our surroundings as we just don't think
stab you in the back for slightest reward, the pens always mighty but sharp is the sword
brother killing brother, pointless beliefs, mothers try to smother to hide their grief