Working Class Genocide

by rich gulag



skum rekordz 008


released February 10, 2016

all songs written and performed and recorded by rich gulag, recorded here, there and everywhere with skum rekordz

cover art by Beck Crowraven Punkbat



all rights reserved


rich gulag UK

Living in stoke, also guitarist for anarcho punk band pedagree skum....always anti fascist.

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Track Name: Working Class Genocide
children, dying at their feet
they multiply their greed
with human misery
one of these days there'll be no one left to fight

hunger, greed, death, disease.. everything they need for a working class genocide

slowly, their pulling us apart
a genocide of class
a money making farce
there'll be none of left to fight

money, the only thing that talks
guiding all their thoughts
there'll be none of us left to fight

they, will tell us anything,
to keep us occupied
the truth they try to hide
Track Name: Not in my name
no money for the poor, always plenty for war
deliver our bombs, right to their front door
collateral damage, wrong place, wrong time
in our nice warm beds, we're all feeling fine

war again, not in my name, millions in pain, not in my name,
a nations shame, not in my name, death again, not in my name

the bankers have it all, they want enemy soil
we obey like dogs, for our share of oil
protecting ourselves, that's why we must attack
is the rhetoric they spin, to justify their sin

children all around are dying, mothers distraught are crying
destruction all around
we sit in our warm homes, watch our big tv's
the genocide so far from our reality

public opinion, no longer sway's their choice,
they obey their masters, we're the silent voice
eradicate the threat, increase the profits
minimise the debt, vilify the prophets
Track Name: Death of the new Gods
did you think they'd live forever
no one ever does
immortality is in their actions
the legacys the only thing that counts

the new gods, of the tv age
the age of rage and drugs
the age of cash and thugs
but still we worship them the same

weve katie price, instead of jesus christ
buddha selling butter
jahweh selling beer
but still we worship them
Track Name: Choose your side
when they've taken everything away,
where will you go,
what will you do,
when they come for you

if we unite as we fight we will achieve so much more

when they've taken all your rights,
how will you fight
do we unite,
or think of ourselves

when its us against them,
who's side do you join,
will you fight for them
will you be their tool

when the final day comes,
do you betray your friends
or stick with them,
until the very end
Track Name: It's not as hard as you think, to be a human being
it's not as hard as you think, to be a human being

caught in a trap, we'll never be free, unless we realise
that we have the key

don't you think it's time we thought of someone other than ourselves?

it's not as hard as you think, to be a human being
never turn your back, on someone in need
we've go to fight the greed, and our selfish ways

it's not as hard as you think, to be a human being
being kind is not a sin, it doesn't make you week
it's not as hard as you think, to be a human being
Track Name: Shame on you
everything you do, all the words you say mean nothing to me,
seems like talking shit, for you is an everyday activity
empty promises leave your mouth so frequently
deception and lies to cover up your sordid history

fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me

promises, promises diverting your actual intentions
a worthless word proved false to many times to mention
only ever say what you think it is we want to hear
you think it brings you closer to the power that you crave

manipulate the masses, playing on their baseless fears
acquire the sympathy when you cry your fake empty tears
worm your way into hearts then viciously tear them apart
step over peoples lives, as long as it furthers your career
Track Name: Chameleon
how you gonna change the world,
you can't even take care of yourself
setting your standards and expecting everyone to follow

politics, you push your fake politics
were sick of fucking hearing it
i know you don t believe in it

time to take a look at yourself
instead of judging everyone else
you're not as perfect as you think
with your politics and views that you carefully choose when you use
Track Name: One step from have to have not
people on the streets with nothing to eat
people dying everyday we'd sooner look away than care
we'd sooner look away than care

sitting in our homes as we grumble and moan
saving our cash for the latest smart phone
feeling sorry for ourselves when we cant go out

blame it on drugs, blame it on booze
what would you do if you walked in their shoes
what would you do if everything was taken away

we're just one step from have to have not
in the blink of an eye you can lose what you've got
before you know you'll be sleeping in shop doorways
Track Name: Pull my strings
we work sweat and blood
for the pretty things
that catch our eye
the shiny things to keep us blind
to keep us occupied

pull my strings and I'll do anything, it's ok to manipulate me, i don't think i ever wanted to be free
pull my strings and I'll do what you say, never really wanted a life of my own I'll fit right in with the rest of the clones

we watch tv
our safe reality
a digital fix
the working class god

we scrimp and save
for a better life
but our cards are marked
we've got to know our place
to keep us controlled