Fuck your holidays

by rich gulag



Skum rekordz 012


i wanna tell you a little story about consumerism. people running round like blue arse flies and headless chickens, buying shit they cant afford, shit that they're convinced their lives will be empty without. whilst at the same others are on the street, cold, starving, fucking dying every day.. fuck Christmas

fuck it, fuck your holidays, fuck em
fuck your greed and selfishness
disguised as holiness
It's a fucking farce
you're all a bunch of hypocrites
you're just fucking materialists
just fucking consumerists
save it
save your Christmas night
and your fairy lights
for someone who cares
for someone who's there
people are starving
while we fill our face with food
its fucking obscene
its fucking obscene

consume, obey, as long as everything is going your way

people walking round with arms full of shopping
trolleys full of fucking food
whilst the next mans dying
hasn't even got a fucking blanket to keep him warm
what has this world come too
when the divide between the have and have not is so fucking extreme .. fuck Christmas

fuck it, it's a fucking farce
over indulgence
we don't even care
unless it's for ourselves
and our obsession with wealth
our obsession with wealth
while others are dying
while mothers are crying
with our brand new clothes
and our mobile phones
and our nice warm homes
and our nice safe lives
while they're all dying
while they're all dying


released December 7, 2016
Words music rich gulag



all rights reserved


rich gulag UK

Living in stoke, also guitarist for anarcho punk band pedagree skum....always anti fascist.

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